Monday, August 24, 2009

A wordy start

During a job interview, for what would become one of the worst jobs I ever had, my boss-t0-be asked me if I was a morning person. I started spewing off some typical interview appropriate answer about how I would prefer to sleep in, but can certainly be bright eyed enough to get the job done in the mornings. She quickly cut me off--something I would soon come to recognize as her general M.O. for dealing with us, her lowly employees--and asked quite pointedly, "but would you say you are loquacious?" I was caught off guard, mostly because the question itself seemed so deliberate, and I didn't quite know why. My learning kicked in and I responded with something along the lines of, "no, I wouldn't say I am a particularly chatty person in the mornings" which seemed to satisfy her. After I got the job, my coworker informed me that it was a test: anyone who didn't know what loquacious meant was automatically disqualified for the job--at a mortgage company, mind you, certainly not a place that requires a particularly evolved vocabulary.

So no, loquacious I am not, but if there was a single word to describe long-windedness in the written form, well yeah, that's me. Email-quacious?

Words seem to be constantly tumbling around in my brain, forming sentences that I roll across my tongue obsessively until I can write them out. Or more specifically type then. I swear the invention of the email was the first form of therapy I ever really experienced. I have been accused a time or two, by more than one friend, of having disturbingly long, marathon email writing skills. So it's time to harness those words and turn them into something more. Something important and real and meaningful. This will hopefully become a practice arena for some of my stories and thoughts. Sometimes nothing more than a word or a sentence that will not leave me alone, that needs to be written and shared. And if they are lucky, a burden removed from some inboxes heavy with my words.

I have no fiction in me. My stories are based on my own real life experiences. Emotional flashpoints in my life that cannot be expressed in any other way. Personal, funny, touching, and real. Maybe to no one else but me.

Oh and that job? Ancient history. The boss? Pretentious and rude, but that's story for another day.

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